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The Great

Genealogical Search

A Remarkable Story of How One Family Traced its Roots in the East Indies and Discovered its British Ancestry

So what you might ask? Why should you care? What's in it for you?

If you are like many others who have thought about searching your family roots one day, or have already started but encountered a stone wall, then this book is for you.

Here's the good news... your ancestors have left behind a hidden trail waiting for you to discover. This book is a living proof that it can be done. You CAN uncover your family's history - with the genealogy toolkits available today.

The bad news is that this trail is NOT going to be visible forever. Every passing day you delay in your ancestral quest, a possible path to the past is lost as living memories are being erased with the passing of each elderly relative.

Finally, a book that offers you a complete Case Study & Research Guide to Tracing Your Family History!

Research shows that case studies or stories are the best way to learn. This is especially true even of the subject of Genealogy. We challenge you to find books documenting detailed genealogical case studies. Try searching for a complete case study of how any family traced its roots from research to reunion. Do a Google search - you won't find many, if any.

And here, we are talking about a 20-year journey of the researchers (the Shepherdsons) where they share their story with you, complete with tips that can potentially save you lots of valuable time and accelerate your progress.

Read it like an exciting detective storybook and learn about genealogy at the same time.

And the best part is that you don't need to read it like another instructional manual as most Genealogy beginner guides are like. Yes, a few writers might share their own mini case studies (a small section) but these are isolated and disparate cases limited to the search methods or resources being discussed.

But this book is the complete reverse. It offers an astonishingly detailed genealogical diary with tip boxes to guide you along the way should you decide to do your own research. And the best part is that you can read it like a novel.

No laundry list of step by step instructions. No complicated terms. Save Money. Save Time!

Learn about how to combine traditional genealogical search methods with online resources and transcend time or geographical barriers with DNA testing methods.

There are a myriad of beginner guides on Genealogy, dozens of dedicated books specific to online genealogy, and a sizable number of specialised books that focus only genetic genealogy (which uses DNA testing). But how do you use these methods with each other? Often the writers will share with you in great detail a how-to guide and the kind of resources available to you - which is great. But this is not enough. Besides these, what you also need is to learn how to analyze your findings and maximise these resources accordingly and use them in the right context. And do online search or DNA testing really work? What's hype and what's real?

Wouldn't it be insightful to read about a complete case study that demonstrates all of these? Well, here's a book that lets you do this.

How would you feel if you could experience the joy of discovering your family history, the unexpected outcomes and the eye-popping moments?

There are probably not enough inspiring stories to motivate one to embark on researching a family's past. Read The Great Genealogical Search done by the Shepherdson Family researchers and put yourself in their shoes - and you will feel as if you had discovered yours - the joy, the disappointment, the shocking revelations.

  • What would you do if a stranger suddenly hands you a will written by a potential ancestor of yours?
  • Would you travel overseas to an unfamiliar country to meet an online stranger who offers to help you search your roots?
  • How would you feel if you could suddenly unlock 700 years of family history?
  • What would you do if you had the opportunity to reunite with relatives you never knew you had?
  • And after that reunion, someone then challenges you on the authenticity of your research?
  • If that is not mind-boggling enough, while researching your roots, you stumble upon royal connections... and then a stranger from another continent contacts you and informs you that he is related to you six generations ago?

All these and more await you in the Great Genealogical Search...

That's the reason why we chose to call it The Great Genealogical Search. Great because it spans across 20 years of research from East to West; utilizes all three search methods - traditional, online, DNA testing; uncovers 700 years ago of family history; and reunites a few hundred family members and establishes royal links to King Edward III who reigned in the 1300s.

...As Featured on Wall Street Journal & Channel News Asia

If you think that we are exaggerating, read about some aspects of the research covered in this book that was featured on Wall Street Journal.

Watch a Youtube video of a news feature of the Shepherdson Reunion. And how DNA testing was used.

The Great Genealogical Search takes you behind the scenes... and shares with you that jubilation and joy.

What if I can't trace my roots beyond my grandparents after reading this book?

You have a choice to read this book as if it is just another novel. Or use it as a starting point to start researching your family roots. Should you be motivated to start, then it makes us accountable and responsible to justify your investment.

Genealogy is not just about putting together your family tree but is it about discovering all aspects of your family's past. This book offers a 3R Approach to Genealogy - Research, Reconcile and Relive - which guarantees that you to make some progress with the resources, suggestions and tips that are provided. For some reason, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will REFUND you your full investment in this book - and you get to keep the eBook for free.

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After you order, you get immediate access to the ebook - no waiting time, no shipping fees!

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This is not just a diary log of how one person went about searching his family tree. It is the ultimate resource tool that goes beyond the limits of family history research and genealogy. The pathways recorded in this book, makes this the most complete tool boxes for genealogy research. The Shepherdson family in this part of the world is a typical Eurasian family, and thus is the perfect case study for any other family with a variety of origins; and that’s about 95% of all families! A Great Book! A Great Tool!

Barry P Pereira, PhD

Chair, Committee for Heritage and Eurasian Culture, Eurasian Association
"Kevin's book reads like a thriller ala "The Shepherdson Code", wherein he doggedly explores every lead and piece of information to discover his ancestral roots. A fascinating story of his journey and the way in which many people, related and unrelated, came foward to help him and his research team. Kevin provides us with useful tips based on his 20-year experience for everyone looking to do the same. I can only imagine how satisfying it must be to find who one is descended from. For Kevin, the story starts 700 years ago."

N Varaprasad, Chief Executive, National Library Board, Singapore
"Human beings differ from animals in one critical respect: each generation transmits knowledge and culture to the next. A necessary condition for that transmission is memory of the past. No wonder Churchill once said that the further one wishes to look into the future, the more one must back look back into the past. In every tribe, there are individuals (not many) who dedicate themselves to researching and recording history so that the tribe as a whole can advance with greater confidence and clarity. Kevin is one such individual."

BG George Yeo,

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Singapore

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